Go to the aquarium near Long Island homes and Long Island real estate.Long Island real estate owners looking for something fun to do with family should check out the Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center in Riverhead. There are dozens of indoor and outdoor exhibits, many of them interactive. One of the favorite places to explore is the indoor touch tank. Visitors from Long Island homes can touch sea stars, clams, whelks, hermit crabs, and horseshoe crabs. Aquarium staff members are present to answer questions.

Visitors to the Aquarium can learn all about the sea life just off Long Island’s shores at the Local Rocky Shores exhibit. Local fauna swim in their accustomed plants. The water for this exhibit comes from Shinnecock Bay. It’s delivered by truck and kept in a tank until it’s needed!

Summertime visitors can cool off in the Interactive Salt Marsh. Take off your shoes and get a look at marine life living near Long Island homes. A staff member will show you the creatures in the salt marsh.

Kids who love ocean life can have a birthday party at the Aquarium. Get admission to the Aquarium, a guided tour, and delicious food. Several packages are available to meet your needs. Learn more about the many exhibits and special events by visiting longislandaquarium.com.